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Quality products

Yacht Controller uses high-quality components in all products.

Ready to go installation

Yacht Controller is always installed on a “ready to go” -basis by an authorized installer, so you can be sure that your device has been tested and works as it should.

Comprehensive worldwide support

Yacht Controller is an Italian brand, but there are dealers and technicians all over the world.

Customized solutions for your boat

Each Yacht Controller is always ordered from the factory based on your boats information. By doing so the fit and compatibility of the equipment is always guaranteed.

Up to 100 feet

Yacht Controller has several different models for remotely controlling your boat. With these, we can guarantee compatibility with every boat.

Yacht Controller can be installed to any boat with an electric remote control system. We can also replace the mechanical control system with an electric one in order to enable the installation of Yacht Controller.


We are committed to offering you the best service that combines professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

We grant a two-year comprehensive international warranty to the Yacht Controller devices we install.

Let's make suitable solutions for your boat together

Contact us and we’ll see together which models would suit you and your boat best. There is always a suitable Yacht Controller for everyone!